Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Hasn’t Spoken To Ruby Rose Yet


When Batwoman season 2 begins next weekend, it’ll be an all-new show in some ways as there’ll be a fresh heroine in Gotham City. Javicia Leslie is the latest face of the Arrowverse series following Ruby Rose’s shock decision to exit as the Crimson Crusader after just one season. As we know, the actress will be playing Ryan Wilder, a character created for television who’ll take over the cape and cowl after Kate Kane goes missing.

Though Leslie is portraying someone completely different from Rose, you might expect that there was some handover between the two stars, with Rose metaphorically giving Leslie the keys to the Batcave and her blessing. However, the God Friended Me actress has now revealed that she’s never spoken with her Australian predecessor. In an interview with Variety, Leslie was asked if Rose had any advice for her in the role and her response was short and sweet: “No, I didn’t talk with her.”

There’s been a lot of speculation over why Rose exited Batwoman so soon, with it reported that she found the hefty workload too much to handle, especially after contracting a serious injury on set, and this led to some friction between the actress and the crew. That’s yet to be confirmed, though. In any case, Leslie’s admittance that she hasn’t exchanged any words with Rose doesn’t mean there are hard feelings between them. After all, Rose shared a social media post wishing her successor all the best when Leslie was first announced to have landed the gig.

Fans of Kate Kane needn’t worry, either, that the original Batwoman’s disappearance will be brushed under the carpet. The mystery of her sudden AWOL status, much like her cousin Bruce Wayne before her, will be an ongoing storyline in season 2 and Ryan will take some time getting used to being the Scarlet Knight.

Don’t miss Batwoman 2×01 “Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?” next Sunday, January 17th, on The CW.