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Ruby Rose Wasn’t Happy With Batwoman And Was Hard To Work With

Sources close to TVLine suggest that Ruby Rose's departure from Batwoman wasn't entirely her own decision.


It’s official: Ruby Rose and Batwoman have gone their separate ways.

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In what’s being described as an amicable split, both Rose and The CW released separate statements announcing the news, with the former conceding that, after much deliberation, she won’t be returning for Kate Kane’s second season. Fans have been left devastated by what is undoubtedly a surprising twist of fate, but based on Ruby Rose’s initial statement, the time had come for her to hang up the cape and cowl.

But according to new intel uncovered by TVLine, Ruby Rose leaving Batwoman prior to its second season was more of a mutual agreement than Rose’s own decision. The source goes on to suggest that her casting in the superhero drama “just wasn’t a good fit,” as the actress wasn’t happy with the job and that made her unpleasant to work with.

It wasn’t 100-percent her decision. It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.

It should be noted that, according to sources close to Variety, Rose’s withdrawal has “nothing to do with her health or injury.” There were concerns that the former Orange Is the New Black actress left Batwoman for health reasons, having undergone surgery for two herniated discs back in September.

But it seems the long hours, coupled with the fact that she didn’t acclimate to life in Vancouver (the city in which Batwoman is filmed) sealed Ruby Rose’s decision. That, coupled with today’s report that her departure was “in the best interests of the show.”

It’s a somewhat anticlimactic end to her time as Kate Kane, and fans will be disappointed that Rose wasn’t given the send-off she deserves. But the question must be asked: who will replace Rose in the title role as Batwoman? Well, it seems the Internet has already nominated one or two potential candidates.