Batwoman Fans Devastated That Ruby Rose Is Exiting The Show


Arrowverse fans got some shocking news today. Just two days after the conclusion of its debut season, Batwoman has lost its leading lady, as Ruby Rose has officially exited the DC TV series. Rose debuted as Kate Kane in 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover event, before starring in 20 episodes of her own show – plus taking part in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Batwoman will continue, but The CW will have to find a new series lead for season 2 onward.

This is an unprecedented move for the Arrowverse, specifically, but also a highly unusual one for a TV series across the board. Understandably, then, social media is full of fans expressing their shock and sadness at the news.

To begin with, there’s a lot of these three letters going about…

Others are being more level-headed about it and are looking forward to seeing Rose take on other roles in different projects.

Some are already thinking about who the next person under the cowl will be.

But for others, Ruby Rose is the only person they can imagine donning the red wig.

Though, obviously, you can’t please everyone. And some people are glad to have a new Batwoman.

While others took the chance to take a potshot at the show’s writers.

Rare footage of CW execs finding out Rose was leaving.

On the other hand, we don’t know the full story and some are suspicious that Rose could easily walk away from her contract of her own accord. And they’re getting hungry for the truth.

The good news is that the Arrowverse has an in-built way to explain massive continuity glitches like this one. Barry Allen, time to go changing the timeline again!

Batwoman season 1 was curtailed earlier than intended due to the coronavirus outbreak, with episodes 21 and 22 of the season left un-filmed. Presumably, then, the new actress who’s playing Kate Kane will step right into Rose’s boots and finish up the original plans for season 1 as the former star of the show would’ve done herself.

Season 2, meanwhile, is due to premiere in January 2021.