Here’s How Stephanie Beatriz Could Look As The New Batwoman


Arrowverse fans were left stunned yesterday when the news broke that Ruby Rose is leaving the Arrowverse behind after just one season as the star of BatwomanThe CW DC series is still going ahead with its second season, though, with bosses promising that they’re dedicated to finding a new leading lady who’s part of the LGBT community. But who could the next Kate Kane be? Well, one actress has already thrown her name into the ring.

Stephanie Beatriz – who identifies as bisexual – is most known for playing badass detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but she’s clearly got her eye on some kind of superhero role. The actress previously made it known that she would love to play Marvel’s She-Hulk, for example. Having since ruled herself out of that race, though, Beatriz has now set her sights elsewhere. Following the news of Rose’s exit, the star tweeted: “*reads everything about Batwoman.”

In a follow-up tweet, Beatriz even revealed that she just dyed her hair red, matching Batwoman’s crimson wig, last month. It must be fate, right?

As he did with her campaign to play She-Hulk, digital artist BossLogic has already imagined what the actress could look like in the part of Gotham City’s savior as well. And as you can see in the gallery below, she would look pretty epic indeed.

News of Rose’s departure shocked everybody, as it was assumed that the Australian star was in the Arrowverse for the long haul. Initial reports have painted it as the actress’ own decision, but there’s much confusion around this, given that long-term TV contracts are typically notoriously difficult to get out of. We’ll likely learn the truth in time, but right now, the biggest question is: who will take over from her?

At least The CW has some time to find the right person for the job, as Batwoman season 2 isn’t set to air until January 2021.