Stephanie Beatriz Says She Won’t Play She-Hulk


One of the many actresses linked to the title role in She-Hulk, Stephanie Beatriz has now confirmed that she won’t be playing Jennifer Walters in the upcoming Disney Plus series.

Beatriz was impressed by some fan art of her as She-Hulk recently, but admitted on Twitter that her filming commitments with Brooklyn Nine-Nine make it impossible for her to double up as the lead character in another series, something that will likely disappoint many fans of the casting.

Beatriz shared the awesome fan art though and was particularly impressed by her toned arms in the image, saying:

Although Beatriz had previously expressed her excitement at being linked to the part, it now seems that she’s out of the running if her prediction of an August start-date for She-Hulk is true. We did recently get a glimpse into She-Hulk‘s casting call, though, which revealed a need for an actress aged between 26 and 34, and with a comedy background. Furthermore, the same call revealed that Jennifer Walters is planned as a future member of the Avengers, making this a major role for whoever ends up being cast.

Of course, development is only at an early stage for She-Hulk, which is being run by Rick and Morty‘s Jessica Gao, so it may be some time until we get a definite answer on the casting. We don’t see there being too long a wait, though, given that She-Hulk is rumored to make an appearance in WandaVision, which is further along than its fellow Disney Plus series. In addition, there’s been talk of Walters showing up as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3, so there’s clearly a lot of interest at Disney in getting the character up and running in the MCU.

What do you think of Beatriz apparently dropping out of the race for She-Hulk, though? And based on this and the casting call, who are your current favorites to take on the role? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section down below.