Spider-Man 3 Rumored To Introduce She-Hulk Into The MCU


Ask any Marvel fan which comic book characters they’d like to see appear next in the MCU, and odds are She-Hulk would be near the top of that list. Fans have been clamoring to have Jennifer Walters’ alter-ego pop up in the franchise for years now, and if a new rumor is to be believed, it sounds like she might finally get her time in the limelight come Spider-Man 3.

The rumor – which was reported on by Cosmic Book News, so take it with a grain of salt – says She-Hulk will play a massive role in Spidey’s next adventure, and it all ties into Far From Home’s mid-credits shocker. The scene, which finds J. Jonah Jameson revealing Peter Parker’s identity to the world while also implicating that he’s wanted for the “murder” of Mysterio, paves the way for the web-slinger’s third solo outing, which Kevin Feige says will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a Spider-Man movie.

Now, this is the part where She-Hulk comes in. Alongside her stint as a superhero, Jen Walters practices law on the side and the rumor suggests that the character will be introduced in Spider-Man 3 as Peter Parker’s lawyer, who must save the young man from a life behind bars. Star Tom Holland has previously mentioned he’d love to see Hulk pop up in his next Marvel movie and this seems like a great premise for pairing the two up, even if it’s not Mark Ruffalo’s version.

In the comics, She-Hulk gains superpowers following an accident wherein her cousin, Bruce Banner, saves her life through transfusing his own gamma-irradiated blood into her body. While Avengers: Endgame wrapped up Banner’s storyline, we know there are plans for Ruffalo to still appear in the MCU (maybe even in his own show). Introducing his cousin in a Spider-Man film would be a great launching pad for Walters, who will assumedly go on to take the regular Hulk’s position in the next Avengers movie, whenever that may be.

Again, none of this has been outright confirmed by Disney, but story-wise, it makes sense. Spider-Man 3 is currently in development as we speak, and there’s even a possibility it may still pop up in Marvel’s Phase 4. And even if She-Hulk doesn’t appear in his next standalone film, she’s still heavily rumored to receive her own Disney Plus series alongside Banner. Whatever ends up happening, here’s hoping we see her in the MCU sooner rather than later.