Here’s How Stephanie Beatriz Could Look As She-Hulk


At the recent D23 Expo, Marvel Studios announced that a She-Hulk limited series was in the works for Disney Plus, adding yet another title to the long list of shows currently in development for the studio’s upcoming streaming service. While no other details have yet to be released other than the official logo, almost as soon as the news was revealed the speculation about who could play Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters began and it hasn’t died down yet.

Several names have already been gaining some traction among fans, but one of the favorites appears to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, with the actress herself admitting that she would relish the opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the green-skinned lawyer if given the chance.

It certainly sounds as though Beatriz is dropping some not-so-subtle hints that she would like to be involved with She-Hulk, and now, a new piece of fan art from the talented ZeynepTheGreat shows how the 38 year-old would look as the title character, which you can see below.

That certainly makes a compelling case for the Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz to suit up and sign on to the biggest franchise in the industry, as she definitely looks the part based on this depiction of her as She-Hulk. It would certainly mark the biggest role of her career to date as well and with more focus than ever set to be placed on the MCU’s small-screen output, it could also lead to opportunities to make the jump to appearing in Marvel’s big screen adventures, with Kevin Feige admitting that characters will be crossing over from the movies to the TV shows with increasing regularity moving forward.