Rosario Dawson Also Being Eyed For She-Hulk TV Show


She-Hulk is coming to the MCU, as Marvel revealed last month at D23 that a Disney Plus series is on the way featuring Bruce Banner’s similarly green-skinned cousin. Jennifer Walters has been a character that fans have wanted to see in the franchise for ages, which means that there’ve been a few fan favorite casting suggestions over the years and one common one is Rosario Dawson AKA Claire Temple from Netflix’s Defenders shows.

Interestingly, We Got This Covered has been informed that Dawson is actually being eyed for the lead role in the series. We’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who told us about the She-Hulk show back in April – that the actress is one of a few talents being considered for the part. That said, we’re told it’s unlikely that she’ll get it as Marvel is leaning more towards either Ronda Rousey, as we reported earlier, or at least someone similar in type to the WWE star.

It’d be funny if Dawson did end up playing She-Hulk though as she’d be the third Luke Cage star to get a role in the Marvel Studios side of the MCU. First, Alfre Woodard doubled up as Mariah Dillard and a grieving mother in Captain America: Civil War and then former Cottonmouth actor Mahershala Ali signed on to play Blade in an upcoming movie.

Of course, Dawson’s already a veteran of the Marvel universe as well, having appeared as Claire in five of Netflix’s series. Namely, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, LC, Iron Fist and The Defenders. Ironically, she announced that she was going to take a break from the MCU shortly before Netflix cancelled all their Marvel shows anyways, but perhaps the studio can convince her to return?

Time will tell, but like we said above, while she is on Kevin Feige’s wishlist (which means she may not’ve been formally contacted yet and may not even know about this), it’s unlikely that Dawson will land the role, as Marvel’s leaning more towards Rousey for She-Hulk. Once we learn more on who they’ve decide to go with, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.