‘Batwoman’ Star Teases What’s To Come In Season 3


Season 3 of The CW’s Batwoman, based on the comic book heroine of the same name, has undergone a couple changes since its premiere in 2019. Javicia Leslie took over the titular role in the second season, after Ruby Rose exited the show. Leslie now stars as Ryan Wilder, a highly-skilled former convict who succeeds Kate Kane as Gotham City’s reigning protector.

As the third season rounds up, Leslie, in an interview with ComicBook.com, teased what more to expect in the season. Detailing her character’s progression, and her own experience working on the show, the actress said:

”I think, going in to the rest of this season, it’s a lot of mixed emotions for Ryan. Because she has the Bat Team, which, for her, has been her family for two seasons, however long that is in the world of Batwoman. It’s her first time finding a family, and they always say “Your friends are the family that you choose.” So to have the loyalty to Mary and Luke and Sophie, but now be challenged with the loyalty of that and the loyalty of her blood relatives, it creates so much conflict.

Season three has been so much fun and so epic, because there’s a layer that I didn’t even know, when I got cast, I would ever end up dealing with. When I was cast, she did not have a family. So now, there are layers that I get to play with that I never thought I was going to get to play with. But it’s also very conflicting, because [Ryan] created a family and that’s the family I’ve dived into, and now all of a sudden, there’s a real family and [she doesn’t] know who [she trusts]. I think she’s confused. She’s so confused. I still don’t know if I could trust Jada. Marquis is ruining my life. Mary went off and became Poison Ivy. Luke can’t get his suit to work right. Everything is a hot mess! So this season’s been a lot of fun.”

It’s not yet known whether the show will return for a fourth season, as news of its renewal or cancellation have yet to surface. Leslie’s Ryan will appear, however, alongside the other DC characters in the comic crossover series, titled Earth Prime. The six-issue event will premiere April 5, according to DC Comics.

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