Batwoman Ratings Hit Season Low With Latest Episode


The newest episode of The CW’s Batwoman was the series’ lowest rated yet.

Sunday’s “Grinning from Ear to Ear” had only 774k viewers, a record low for the show, which has seen a steady decline in ratings since launching its first season back in October. Even so, it contained some intriguing new developments, such as the introduction of Duela Dent – otherwise known as the Joker’s daughter. She’s one of the more interesting villains introduced in Batwoman‘s first season, but it’s yet to be seen if she’ll play a pivotal role in the show going forward.

Though the series started with almost two million viewers with its premiere, it lost over half of that by its December 9th Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two.” Its first season has done moderately well with critics, earning it a fresh 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but a dismal 13% audience score showcases a vast disparity between the two groups of viewers.

Batwoman isn’t the only series on The CW suffering from declining ratings, though. Despite being a critical darling, Supergirl‘s fifth season has seen a substantial drop in viewers over the past few months. It had over a million fans tune in for “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One,” but the series has lost over half of them since, with its most recent episode bringing in only 676k viewers.

Thankfully, these plummeting numbers don’t seem be affecting The CW’s decision to continue expanding their ever-growing shared universe. Supergirl, The Flash, Black Lightning, and Legends of Tomorrow all joined Batwoman in receiving new season orders from the network earlier this year.

A firm release date for season 2 of Batwoman hasn’t been confirmed as yet, but it’s likely to arrive at some point this fall. Watch this space for more.