Supergirl And Batwoman Hit With Huge Drop In Ratings


Two of The CW’s DC superheroes are in serious trouble, and it’s not from any villain bent on world domination. No, the ratings for both Supergirl and Batwoman have dropped significantly from the start of their respective seasons.

This really doesn’t come as a surprise, though, considering it’s been an ongoing problem with these two programs for a while now. After two weeks of showing repeats, both Supergirl and Batwoman are down from their previous episode numbers from January 26th with the former’s down significantly. The Batwoman episode titled “Take Your Choice” drew in 848,000 viewers, which was 22,000 less than the previous installment.

But it’s the Kryptonian who’s really starting to feel the heat. Things were looking up as the last Supergirl episode had almost 1 million fans tuning in, which passed Batwoman for the first time. Then Sunday’s outing, titled “Back From the Future- Part Two,” arrived with an audience consisting of a dismal 654,000. That’s a loss of 32%, or around 316,000 viewers. However you look at it, things aren’t looking good for these two members of the Arrowverse.

The losses have been in the millions for both properties since the start of each of their seasons, and it leads many to wonder what the future will hold for the two popular DC characters. Batwoman and Supergirl have already been renewed for new seasons, so despite the weak numbers, they won’t be going anywhere just yet, but they could be up for the chop soon.

In any case, these less than stellar results are very strange coming off of The CW’s successful crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The two heroes participated in it and many would believe that they’d be in high demand now, especially since Arrow is over. Looking in on the ratings for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow reveals their viewership is steady, too. Whatever the case may be, the considerable lack of interest in Supergirl and Batwoman is less than ideal for both parties.