Benedict Cumberbatch May Star In Brexit TV Series

The UK’s exit from the European Union – dubbed “Brexit” – has been chosen by Hollywood bosses as the perfect premise for a prestigious new TV show, with a budget of $60 million currently attached. The series will be based around British politician Nigel Farage, a hugely controversial figure who came to prominence during the Brexit referendum as one of the biggest proponents of the “Leave” vote.

Currently, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Kevin Spacey are being tipped to play Farage in the six-part series. Each of them have experience in this sort of role, too. Spacey previously entered into the world of politics in House of Cards, while Cumberbatch has already played a real-world, controversial figure when he stepped into the role of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, a film that split viewers down the middle – with Assange himself publicly dismissing it.

The series will be based on the book The Bad Boys of Brexit: Tales of Mischief, Mayhem & Guerrilla Warfare in the EU Referendum Campaign, which is the diary of millionaire Arron Banks, who helped finance the “Leave” campaign. Apparently, Farage himself pitched the idea to US TV bosses when he travelled to Washington to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. The cast is expected to be nailed down this autumn, too, with filming set to begin next year. As such, you can expect to hear which actor is chosen for the lead role quite soon.

If Cumberbatch ends up signing along the dotted line here, this will be yet another exciting credit added to the megastar’s ever-growing, jam-packed schedule. As well as currently holding roles in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, Cumberbatch is set to feature in two more TV productions – Patrick Melrose and The Child in Time – as well as a couple of voice roles in Jungle Book and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. That’s not to mention the films that he has due out this year: The Current War and Thor: Ragnarok. 

Suffice it to say, Benedict Cumberbatch is a busy guy and if you’re a fan of his, there’s much to look forward to.

Source: The Times