10 Of The Best Arrested Development Episodes

Arrested Development

You’re killing me, Netflix. Not only are you releasing the entire new season of Arrested Development all at once on May 26th beginning at midnight, but you have the previous three seasons readily available for us all to watch in the days leading up to it. I’m afraid I am incapable of resisting either of these temptations; I just finished going through all 53 existing episodes in the past week and am anticipating not being able to stop myself from watching the entire new 15-episode season into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

This is a show that both benefits and suffers from watching a string of episodes in a row. The continuity of the jokes is so strong that having as many of them fresh in your mind as possible will make the callbacks that much more satisfying. But the humor is also so dense and rapid-fire, sometimes there are several gags paying off at once, that you can become slightly desensitized from watching so much, and eventually a little exhausted. Then again, sometimes you can get so exhausted that the ridiculous humor, usually coming from Gob and Buster, becomes even funnier to you.

In honor of the new season’s forthcoming release, eight years in the making, here are 10 episodes that have to be included among the show’s best, and would be a nice condensed set of shows to watch in preparation for May 26th. Come on!

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