9 Amazing Shows That Netflix Delivered This Year

For some years now, we have heard the phrase ‘The Golden Age of Television,’ with some question as to whether that’s actually accurate, and what that might even mean. Netflix has arguably led the charge in respect to quality TV production in recent times, but it seems that this push has now reached some kind of critical mass for the streaming platform – as 2017 saw an unprecedented number of excellent shows arrive on the service, while many returned for follow-up seasons.

These series represent the very best in narrative storytelling available on Netflix, with many standing as examples of the importance of inclusion both on and off screen. They span a range of drama and comedy, while some experiment with format and pace in a variety of successful ways. Above all, though, they’re quite simply gold-standard television.

So, as we reflect on another year past, here are the best Netflix shows of 2017. As always, if you think we missed any, or have any of your own choices to add in, feel free to sound off in the comments section down below.