Better Call Saul Music Video Hints At What’s In Store For The Breaking Bad Spinoff

AMC are amping up their return to the Breaking Bad Universe. This weekend’s marathon of Walter White’s exploits came to a head last night, with the inclusion of a new music video trailer for Better Call Saul.

The spinoff isn’t set to air until February 2015, and will focus on the story of fan-favourite lawyer, Saul Goodman. The character, who appeared in Breaking Bad, was established as a somewhat shady attorney of ill-repute. His tactics for helping his clients often bordered on incredibly sketchy, but that won’t exactly factor into his new show.

Set in 2002, Better Call Saul will take a trip back to before Saul had sunken into the depths of depravity, and was known by his real name, Jimmy McGill. Breaking creator Vince Gilligan is back onboard as showrunner along with Peter Gould, which indicates we’re in for more top-quality entertainment this coming Winter.

We’ve already seen a few teasers of what to expect, and the new music video ventures further into Saul’s past. With a country song sung by Junior Brown based on lyrics by show creators Gilligan and Gould, it’s a total blast, hinting at what we can expect from the first season. Where it’ll wind up in the future is anybody’s guess at this point, but we do know AMC has already ordered a second season. Could this be leading up to the inevitable cross-over point with Breaking Bad?

We’ll find out when Better Call Saul airs in February 2015.

Source: Collider