Better Call Saul Season 3 Will Feature The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For


Part and parcel of Better Call Saul‘s continued success on the small screen is the slow transition of Bob Odenkirk’s Slippin’ Jimmy, budding con artist and criminal lawyer, into the Saul Goodman we know and love from Vince Gilligan’s seminal Breaking Bad.

Two seasons into Gilligan’s prequel series and fans are still longing for the moment when Jimmy McGill ditches his well-meaning, straight-laced facade once and for all. However, according to Odenkirk himself, it won’t be too much longer before viewers are offered their first peek at Saul Goodman in action as he begins to take his first steps to becoming one of the more ruthless criminal lawyers in all of Albuquerque.

Speaking at an event held in Berlin just yesterday, March 1st, Odenkirk confirmed that Better Call Saul season 3 will indeed present Saul Goodman to the masses, but not as you know him – not yet, at least.

“For the first time, we get to see Saul Goodman. But not the way you think. You’ll get to see Saul Goodman, but he is not what you saw in Breaking Bad. That character will appear but in a slightly different form than you’ve seen it.”

As Gilligan and his creative team begin to tie Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad closer together, we also understand that Giancarlo Esposito is back, back, back as glowering drug kingpin Gustavo Fring, and he’s brought Los Pollos Hermanos along for the ride. When asked how exactly Esposito’s iconic villain factors into the show’s third season, Bob Odenkirk remained coy, but the series stalwart did note that Mr. Fring won’t just used be a throwaway cameo.

“Not only is Gus back, but there is a story with him,” Odenkirk said. “We get to know more about his empire building, more about Gus’ empire and how he built it.”

AMC will roll out the third season of Better Call Saul for audiences in North America on April 10th.

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