Better Caul Saul Writer Heading Up Marvel’s Echo Series

The news that Hawkeye spinoff Echo was coming to Disney Plus didn’t come as a shock to anyone when the series was first announced in March of this year, never mind the fact star Alaqua Cox kept teasing it on social media between then and yesterday, but the show did get a brand new official logo to signal that active development is underway.

As a deaf amputee of Native American descent, Cox has been hyping up the trail she’s about to blaze as the lesser-known superhero, who also has strong comic book connections to heavily-rumored Marvel Cinematic Universe returnees Daredevil and Kingpin.

Now that the radio silence has been broken, Better Caul Saul veteran Marion Dayre was finally able to share with the world that she’ll be heading up the writer’s room and hammering the scripts for Echo into shape, as you can see below.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, and Marvel Studios haven’t really replicated the standard showrunner model, it would appear as though Dayre will be overseeing the writing process, with Etan and Emily Cohen originally announced to be developing the concept. Reservation Dogs‘ Bobby Wilson is also on board, with production on Echo slated to begin in March of next year.