Hawkeye Star Shares Casting Details For Echo Spinoff Series


Kevin Feige has already made it clear that not all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s roster of Disney Plus shows are being designed with multi-season arcs in mind, but he’s more than open to the idea if the story is worthy of continuing. WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier look to be one-and-dones, but Loki and What If…? have been confirmed for second runs.

Hawkeye isn’t even premiering until November, but Alaqua Cox’s Echo has already been announced for her own solo series, which has in itself resulted in a number of rumors making the rounds. In the comic books, Maya Lopez is raised by Wilson Fisk and eventually becomes a love interest for Daredevil, so we’ve been hearing all sorts of chatter that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio could end up reprising their Netflix roles as part of MCU canon, with the duo additionally being rumored for appearances in Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s series.

While that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, and we likely won’t find out until Hawkeye begins rolling out onto streaming, Cox recently took to social media and offered up a casting call for two key supporting roles in Echo, which you can see below.

It could be 2023 by the time we see Echo, but things must be gathering pace behind the scenes if casting calls are already being put out. Hawkeye will introduce Maya Lopez to the MCU faithful before spinning her off into a solo adventure, so it doesn’t appear as though we’re getting a full-blown origin story diving into her beginnings, but we can still expect the groundwork to be laid to set things up for the future.