Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Has The Chance To Fix Jean-Luc’s Biggest Mistake

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard‘s first season wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. The new characters were interesting, it was great seeing Picard back on the deck of a starship and there were some neat ethical quandaries for him to puzzle over. But beyond all that, I’m a sucker for nostalgia and I really liked seeing The Next Generation favorites like Will Riker, Deanna Troi and Data make comebacks.

Season 2 is currently in the pipeline and fans are eager to find out whether any further TNG characters are returning. We’d like to see Geordi La Forge and Worf back, but Gates McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher on the show, has dropped some big hints that she’s on board. In a panel at GalaxyCon (conducted online due to COVID-19), she was asked if she’d be in season 2 and she said:

“Well, I don’t know. There’s a good chance, let’s put it that way. But I have no contract signed. … She definitely would be somebody who was very engaged in the world and trying to make it a better place. I would not see her as somebody retiring. She obviously raised a kid while she was a full-on command officer, so I think the sky’s the limit in terms of what her life could be.”

One reason McFadden’s return would be interesting is that it could finally resolve the long-running relationship drama between Picard and Crusher. They had the mutual hots for one another aboard the Enterprise-D, but Starfleet regulations forbade Picard from having relationships with members of the crew (though it was revealed that they’d gotten married in an alternate future).

On this, McFadden said:

“Patrick made a decision at some point that he was opening it up to other relationships in our show, and in the movies, certainly. So I can’t imagine that it’s suddenly going to be different, but it doesn’t mean that there’s not a relationship there. Obviously, from our all of our scenes, there is a relationship and that’s great. So who knows? I have no clue, but it would it would be lovely.”

Now that Picard is no longer a starship captain, there’s no reason why he couldn’t pursue that love story with Crusher. However, there’s a lot of water under the bridge since they last met, so we may find them separated by circumstance yet again. If they’re not though, Crusher may find that Picard‘s shiny new synthetic body has a couple of sexy tricks up its sleeve.