Billie Piper Wants To Reunite With David Tennant For Doctor Who Spinoff

Rose Tyler in Doctor Who

One of the most emotional moments of the Doctor Who revival (hell, probably in the whole of the long history of the show) was when David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor finally said goodbye to Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler. He used a supernova to send his message across dimensions, explaining that they can never see each other again as it’d mean very bad things for the fabric of space and time. And so, Rose remained trapped in a parallel dimension, albeit with the companionship of a ‘fake’ half-human Meta-Crisis Doctor (it’s complicated, okay).

Now, Billie Piper has said that she would be interested in working on a story exploring her relationship with the Meta-Crisis Doctor. In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, the actress explained:

“I would like to see a one-off dark comedy about Rose and the Doctor in the parallel universe. But instead of it being really sci-fi, it can have an element of sci-fi but it’s very much about their romantic relationship and what’s happened to them in the time since we’ve left them. Just them cohabiting; their normal environment.”

Of course, many fans thought it was a bit odd that Rose Tyler would have a version of the Doctor to get all romantic with that wasn’t really the Doctor. And it turns out that’s a sentiment that Piper seems to agree with wholeheartedly.

“I hated [it]! In the same way that when I watched Beauty and the Beast – the Disney cartoon – I hated it when the Beast turned into the man, I always wanted [the Doctor] to be the beast, and her be in love with the beast. I feel like this is the same sort of loss! Like, it’s kind of a good thing, but it’s not the same. He seemed like a lesser version, didn’t he?”

Come on BBC, let’s make this happen. It seems like a prime candidate for a Big Finish audio, at the very least. The company is currently putting out a great series of Short Trips stories which explore various corners of the Doctor Who universe, so why not get it on there?