Billy Dee Williams And Donald Glover Rumored To Return For Lando Show


The Disney era of Star Wars has been characterized by a reliance on nostalgia and fan service, one that has yielded spectacular results in the case of The Mandalorian, but in a desperate effort to retcon as much as possible from Rian Johnson’s divisive The Last Jedi, J.J. Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker doubled down on familiar iconography and only managed to deliver a disappointing conclusion to a nine-movie story that had taken over 40 years to tell.

Following the recent Disney Investor Day, though, we learned that the Mouse House clearly weren’t kidding around when they said that original streaming content was going to be the number one priority moving forward. Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars alone, there are over 20 small screen exclusives in the works and one of them is Lando, a show that’s been rumored ever since Solo hit theaters almost two and a half years ago.

There was no casting news attached to the announcement, but it doesn’t take a wild stretch of the imagination to assume that either Billy Dee Williams or Donald Glover will play the title role. However, tipster Mikey Sutton now claims that it could actually be both, which makes total sense in terms of appeasing the fanbase and as a storytelling device.

Williams’ older Lando may bookend either the entire season or each individual episode by setting the stage with some exposition, before the bulk of the story follows his adventures as a much younger man, allowing Glover to reprise his acclaimed scene-stealing role from Solo. There are no further details available on Lando just yet, but based on what we know so far, the smart money is on the Disney Plus series taking place after the events of Solo but before The Empire Strikes Back.