Katie Cassidy Thanks Fans Ahead Of Arrow Series Finale


Well, the day has finally come. Tonight, The CW airs the final ever episode of ArrowMuch has changed on the show over the past eight seasons, but someone who’s been there every step of the way – even if her character has changed drastically – is Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance AKA Black Canary.

Ahead of the series finale, the actress has taken to Twitter to thank all of the fans who have been watching the series for the best part of a decade. Cassidy shared a video from TV Guide in which she and her co-stars Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), David Ramsey (John Diggle), Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake) and Rick Gonzalez (Rene Ramirez) send messages to the fandom. Alongside this, the star offered her own extended words about the “bittersweet” experience of saying goodbye to Arrow. 

“Bittersweet,” Cassidy wrote. “As our last episode of Arrow airs tonight, I want to thank each and every one of you that has followed us along on this journey. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve all come in 8 years. Love you guys all SO MUCH!!!”

Of course, the good news is that – with any luck – we’ll see more of Cassidy as Laurel in the near future. The penultimate episode of Arrow acted as a backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canariesa spinoff set in Star City 2040 that would star Cassidy, Harkavy and Katherine McNamara as Mia Queen, Oliver’s daughter and the next Green Arrow. Though the episode was a hit in the ratings, the network has yet to officially greenlight the sequel show. Fingers crossed that they’re just waiting until after the finale airs.

Titled “Fadeout,” the series finale is set to bring back Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity, as well as a bunch of other former regulars and guest stars from over the years. As such, you can expect an emotional farewell for the Emerald Archer when the Arrow series finale airs tonight on The CW.

Source: Twitter