Black Lightning Casts Krondon As Tobias Whale


Just when I thought The CW’s prime time lineup couldn’t sustain yet another DC TV show, the first trailer for Black Lightning premiered a few months ago and I thought to myself, “yeah, there’s room for one more.” Combining striking visuals that Greg Berlanti’s superhero series have become known for with real world sensibilities, it should definitely make for some compelling television.

But like any of these shows, it’ll need the right big bad in order to make it work. Not long ago, we learned that none other than Tobias Whale would be the one to cause headaches for Cress Williams’ Jefferson Pierce throughout the inaugural season and today, we can finally put a face to the menace.

As it turns out, rapper Marvin “Krondon” Jones III will be the one to inhabit the role of Whale, whom executive producer Salim Akil said possesses “authentic street sensibility along with an insightful intelligence that is perfect for the Tobias character arc. Not to mention his regal physical bearing will be additive to making our show exciting and different.”

For more regarding this character, be sure to check out the network’s official description:

Tobias Whale, an African-American man with albinism, is the leader of Freeland’s most feared gang — The 100. But in the days before Black Lightning, Tobias was a politician, rising up the ranks of local government through corrupt and illegal means. That was until he was brought down by Alvin Pierce, Jefferson’s father. Enraged, Tobias murdered Alvin and was driven underground into exile. It’s here he found a place to rebuild, growing into the violent and methodical leader of The 100 as we find him today. But Black Lightning’s recent return has ignited Tobias’ desire to emerge from the shadows and face his biggest adversary, Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning.

To date, Tobias Whale hasn’t gained too much mainstream exposure outside the comic books, but that’s obviously about to change in a big way. Still, if you wish to learn more about him in an accessible manner, we highly recommend checking out the CGI-animated series Beware The Batman, in which he was a recurring character voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley.

Black Lightning is set to premiere on The CW sometime in early 2018.

Source: CBR