Black Lightning Star Wants To Crossover With Supergirl


As members of Black Lightning‘s cast continue making their press rounds, it’s only expected that they be asked about crossing over with the Arrowverse at large. Granted, it’s not out of the question and could very well happen at some point, but series lead Cress Williams recently told us that he’d prefer to flesh out his own show’s world before even entertaining the idea of a mashup – but he’s not opposed to team-ups down the line.

Conversely, his co-star and onscreen daughter Nafessa Williams, who plays Anissa Pierce AKA Thunder, seems to be much more open to the notion. In fact, she hopes to one day fight side by side with Supergirl, as she recently told the following to Qweerist:

“I think it would be really cool to team up with Supergirl, I’m all about female empowerment. Nothing’s better than bad-ass women fighting crime, and I’d love to team up with the women!”

As you may recall, Black Lightning has already made reference to the Girl of Steel early on in its first season – and in a scene featuring Anissa, no less. Given that, one could say the puzzle pieces are already falling into place. If not, The Flash‘s own Danielle Nicolet wouldn’t mind a trip to Freeland herself.

To be honest, if Black Lightning exists on the same Earth as any other DC hero on The CW, it’s very likely Supergirl on Earth-38. As we learned from Crisis on Earth-X, a Kara Zor-El exists in every multiversal designate. So, even if the series in question doesn’t take place on Earth-38 or even Earth-1, it could still be out there somewhere just waiting to take part in the next major prime time crossover.

Source: Qweerist

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