A Boba Fett TV Series May Be On The Cards At Lucasfilm


The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the only franchise expected to flourish on Disney+ – the House of Mouse also has big, big plans for Star Wars.

Not only will the service boast all eight live-action movies at launch – from The Phantom Menace right through until The Last Jedi – but there’s also The Mandalorian to consider, which looks to be a decidedly darker take on the Star Wars lore. Former Iron Man director Jon Favreau is in charge of that one, and we imagine the Powers That Be have their fingers tentatively arched over the ‘greenlight season 2’ button as we approach the show’s November debut. Hell, word is Favreau is already in the process of writing the yet-to-be-announced second installment.

All in all, Disney+ signals a new beginning for all things Star Wars, leaving many to wonder whether Boba Fett will get his own TV show in the not-so-distant future. Well, according to some new intel we’ve received, there may still be hope at the end of this very long, winding tunnel.

You’ll no doubt remember that Lucasfilm had initially planned for a live-action Boba Fett movie to follow in the footsteps of Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story, but those plans were quietly shelved due to the latter’s dismal box office performance. Since then, there’s been nary a mention of any developments, though we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Black Knight was coming to the MCU and that Robert Pattinson had been confirmed for Batman – that Lucasfilm still has high hopes for Boba Fett, and will either carve out room for a cameo for him in The Mandalorian (or the Obi-Wan series!) or, failing that, clear the ground for a brand new TV series featuring the fan-favorite bounty hunter.

Whether these tentative plans ever come to pass is another question entirely, but one thing’s for sure: we haven’t seen the last of Boba Fett. Not yet, at least…