Bo-Katan Will Reportedly Play A Major Role In The Mandalorian Spinoff

Bo-Katan Kryze

Katee Sackhoff clearly has a huge love for sci-fi, having frequently made the genre her home over the last two decades. As well as her breakout role as Battlestar Galactica‘s Kara Thrace, the actress has also lent support in Vin Diesel’s Riddick and can be seen in Netflix’s extraterrestrial drama Another Life, which was renewed for a second season last year.

On top of that, the 40 year-old boarded the Star Wars franchise and offered up her vocal talents to play Bo-Katan Kryze in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, before it was announced that she would be reprising the role in The Mandalorian as the character joined Ahsoka Tano in making the jump to live-action. For those who don’t know, in the animated universe, Bo-Katan is a legendary Mandalorian warrior that ended up in possession of the Darksaber.

Based on what we’ve heard so far about season 2 and Moff Gideon’s involvement, it would appear that her arc will be picked up and carried on throughout the show’s next run, and the latest rumors are claiming that Sackhoff could be sticking around for a while longer, as she’s apparently set to co-star in a potential spinoff that will focus on Gina Carano’s Cara Dune.

Carano has been frequently linked with her own series ever since debuting in The Mandalorian, and with Disney making a concerted effort to focus more attention on their original streaming output in the future, Star Wars is obviously going to play a huge role in that expansion. Of course, Sackhoff is a veteran when it comes to sci-fi TV, and depending on her arc in season 2, we should have a better idea of where she fits into the wider mythology once Mando and Baby Yoda’s latest adventure draws to a close.