Bow Before King Ezekiel In New Promo And Poster For The Walking Dead Season 7


With little over a month to go until the show’s return, AMC has rolled out a moody new promo and poster for The Walking Dead season 7 – and they’re all about Khary Payton’s glowering Ezekiel.

A former zookeeper before the zombie apocalypse brought the world to its knees – hence the feline companion – Ezekiel is the rightful ruler of the Kingdom, presiding over a tight-knit community housed up in a dilapidated college. In this instance, we see Payton’s king coming into contact with Morgan, a character that was originally on course to return during the season 4 finale.

Unsurprisingly, this latest info dump skates around the big question: who was left facing the wrath of Lucille when the screen cut to black some months ago? In the digital age where spoiler culture tends to run amok, that’s really something to be treasured, allowing the tension to build naturally right up until season 7 premieres on October 23.

As for Ezekiel, fans are speculating as to whether we’ll get to see a clash between him and Negan at some point – the latter has been known to rile people up, after all.

Sunday, October 23 is the date for your diaries, as that’s when The Walking Dead season 7 will shuffle onto AMC replete with a payoff to that nail-biting cliffhanger. If you’re gunning to do your homework in time for the show’s return, we’ve got you covered; a copy of TWD season 6 is up for grabs in our latest contest. October 15 is the closing date for that one.


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