Brandon Routh has “made investigations” into doing a Kingdom Come Superman series

Brandon Routh just made his grand return to the Arrowverse Ray Palmer/the Atom on last night’s The Flash season eight premiere, which kicked off the big “Armageddon” crossover event. Fans loved seeing him reprise his Legends of Tomorrow role, but there’s always a lot of interest in having Routh return to his original DC character. None other than Superman himself, who the Scott Pilgrim star first played in 2006’s Superman Returns

Against all the odds, Routh eventually got to don the cape and tights again many years later in 2019/20’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. He played the same Superman, but this time given a Kingdom Come-style twist. Sporting a redesigned suit and a gray streak, Routh’s Supes was now the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet and had lost his Lois. It’s very possible that she’s still alive in the rebooted Post-Crisis timeline, though.

So could we see more from the Superman of Earth-95? While chatting with, Routh revealed that he’s “absolutely” up for revisiting the part a third time “given the story is the right story and Superman portrayed in the way that I see Superman. I was absolutely always interested in that.” He went on to add that he’s actually looked into making a KC Superman show a reality himself. That said, he’s aware there’s no end of projects featuring Kal-El in the works at WB Towers, so he’s not sure a vehicle for him is a priority.

“I have made my own investigations about the possibility of something like that,” Routh revealed. “Right now, the truth is that we’re flush with Superman stuff, with the success of Superman & Lois — and Tyler’s doing an awesome job on that — and then there’s a couple scripts and stuff going around for features, I think, in different iterations at Warner Bros.”

Routh got to share the screen with his fellow Last Son of Krypton Tyler Hoechlin in “Crisis”, which also featured Smallville‘s Tom Welling. As Routh alludes to in his comments above, a multiverse of Men of Steel is about to open up on screen. As well as potentially more of Henry Cavill’s version, J.J. Abrams is doing his Black Superman reboot while Michael B. Jordan is working on a Val-Zod HBO Max series.

Despite all this Clark Kent content on the way, let us know if you still want more from Routh’s Superman in the comments.