Bravo To Develop Show About 80s Cola Wars

Now that all other possible subjects for television drama have been done in one way or another, Bravo are looking in other, less-ploughed areas for subjects to make entertainment out of. And after a long, hard think about what the American public might want to spend an hour a week watching, they’ve settled on a series about the 80s Cola Wars, which, on our reckoning, were almost as intense as both the Falklands conflict and the second Gulf War (respectively).

The soda-based drama will focus on the infamous conflict between Pepsi and Coke that raged through the 80s, forcing millions of innocent people to make life-changing decisions as to which fizzy beverage they were going to drink at a given time.

The show is said to be helmed by Andrew Hoegl, the showrunner on Flipping Out.

Despite the fact that this is about pushing a drink product, there’s actually a good chance that it could resemble something like Mad Men. Maybe the next Don Draper will come to us in the form of a suave, fast-talking yuppie with a marketing degree and smokin’ hot girlfriend.

What do you think? Is there potential in this idea? Heck, let’s start another war: which brand do you prefer?

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Source: Deadline