Brenton Thwaites Confirms Nightwing Will Be In Titans Season 2


The DC Universe streaming series Titans has just returned for its second round and so far, things are going pretty well. The first season had its share of bumps along the way and it took awhile for the show to really find its footing, as one of the biggest issues with the production was the changes to the characters. Especially during the initial episodes, things just seemed a little off. One of the major sticking points was Dick Grayson playing an older and disillusioned version of Robin, instead of transforming into Nightwing.

In the comics, this is exactly what Bruce Wayne’s ward does. He sheds the identity of Robin and forges his own heroic path. Granted, things play out differently in Titans and in the show he seems to be a little more explicitly antagonistic. Even so, it was jarring for many fans to essentially see Nightwing’s story play out without the character ever actually becoming Nightwing.

However, the creative team behind the show have not only heard the pleas of the fans, but they’re addressing them, as at some point during the upcoming second season, Robin will transform into his adult alter ego. In fact, star Brenton Thwaites recently confirmed our scoop from a few weeks back when he admitted that yes, Nightwing will show up in Titans‘ current run, saying the following about the two costumes he’s wearing this season.

I find the Nightwing costume is easier to get into character, for sure.  The Robin one, maybe because there was so many pieces, so many elements of it, you kind of get covered up too much emotionally. I don’t know if that’s … Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe we should try and analyze this, but the Nightwing costume, although it does cover me up, it feels quite revealing, and I think that’s a good thing for Dick Grayson in that point of the story is that he’s found who he is and he’s revealing himself to people.

It’s nice to see the show allowing the character of Dick Grayson to transition into a form that audiences haven’t seen before. At least, in live-action, that is. There’s no telling why this happens, but that’s just an extra level of intrigue and for now, fans are going to have to wait for Titans to explain why Dick Grayson makes the change from Robin to Nightwing as the season continues.