Titans Set Pic Reveals First Look At Brenton Thwaites In Nightwing Costume


Ever since the start of Titans, fans have lauded the gritty, realistic take on the teen superhero team that had previously become known as something of a comedy group thanks to their earlier, sillier cartoon adaptations. One thing that’s remained consistent across all the different versions though is the focus on Dick Grayson, played by Brenton Thwaites, as the leader of the group. And according to leaked photos from the set of the second season of the show, we’ll soon get to see Grayson in his first-ever live-action Nightwing costume.

The new superhero suit was first confirmed when cast member Minka Kelly accidentally posted a video clip on Twitter with Thwaites in full Nightwing gear standing in the background. Following that, a photo from the set was leaked online on the Titans Reddit forum by u/Canadian_Dracula:

You can clearly see Nightwing standing in the middle of a group of heroes above, which includes Hawk and Dove, played by Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly, Starfire, played by Anna Diop and another character who appears to be Ravager, played by Chelsea T. Zhang. Superboy is also rumored to be a part of the scene, setting up a nice confrontation between the progenies of two of DC Comics’ most iconic characters: Superman and Batman.

Meanwhile, Grayson’s embrace of his Nightwing identity from the comics is yet another step he’ll take this season to distance himself from his Robin persona and the legacy of being Batman’s ward, something that was a recurring theme in the first run of Titans. We’ll see a further exploration of this arc in season 2 as well thanks to Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne, who must come to grips with his relationship with Dick and his own failings as a foster father.

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