Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans Want Bruce Willis To Cameo In Final Season

Bruce Willis

After the upcoming eighth season was delayed so that the creative team could rework four episodes that had been scrapped in the wake of the widespread social unrest last summer, it was confirmed last week that the next run of Brooklyn Nine-Nine would also mark the last outing for the dysfunctional precinct’s residents.

Fans were understandably disappointed at the news, with the show widely regarded as one of the modern era’s finest sitcoms, one that’s spawned a huge following. After initially being canceled by Fox in 2018 after five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC the very next day, because the network knew they would have a guaranteed ratings hit on their hands.

The episode counts may have been getting continually shorter, with the ten-episode season 8 following the footsteps of eighteen-episode season 6 and thirteen-episode season 7, but the writing and performances from the cast have maintained the level of quality that made the series so popular in the first place.

How the series will close things out remains to be seen, but given the lifelong love that Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta has for Die Hard, fans are hoping that the showrunners can rope in Bruce Willis for a cameo to cap the finale off in spectacularly fitting style, as you can see below.

Die Hard

Having been packed with Die Hard references since day one, it would be incredibly appropriate if the erstwhile John McClane was to drop by for a cameo. The LEGO Movie: The Second Part showed that Willis was hardly above poking fun at his career-defining role in a comedy environment, and it would be a nice nod to the show’s fans as well as capping off Brooklyn Nine-Nine in style by having the main character finally interact with his hero.