Buckle Up For A “Very, Very Disturbing” Opening To Stranger Things Season 2


Will Byers may have escaped the Demogorgon – and, by effect, the Upside Down – by the skin of his teeth, but it seems the lasting effects of that warped dimension will continue to haunt Noah Schnapps’ character throughout the course of Stranger Things season 2.

In fact, Schnapps’ co-star Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) even went so far as to say that the opening segment of the show’s much-anticipated return – that is, the first two or three episodes – will ramp up the scare factor. Indeed, ever since the second season was announced, co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer have consistently dubbed Stranger Things season 2 to be darker and slightly more intense than the first, so Wolfhard’s comments aren’t all that surprising.

Even still, if you thought Will Byer had made it out of the woods, think again. Here’s what Finn Wolfhard had to share during a recent interview with TVLine: “Something happens to Will in the first couple of episodes that’s very, very disturbing.” Eek! It doesn’t end there, either, as some “flat out scary” stuff happens to Will Byers. Perhaps Noah Schnapps’ mild-mannered kid has become some sort of walking lodestone of the Upside Down? Or perhaps he’s simply nursing a rather intense form of PTSD?

One question that was posed to Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) was how Will’s tight-knit group of friends will react to his abnormal behavior. In short? Denial.

They know he is not well. But they are just trying to pretend [nothing] happened.

Whatever the outcome, it looks certain that the “very, very disturbing” event involving Will Byers will make the season 1 finale – a finale in which our young hero coughed up a slug – seem quaint by comparison.

Speaking of upping the stakes, Stranger Things season 2 will expand its roster of monsters far beyond the Demogorgon, after series producer Shawn Levy told TV Guide that, “it was clear that we’re no longer in the world of a single Demogorgon threat. The threats are more varied, and definitely darker and more menacing.” Oh, and that colossal tendrilled beast that cropped up in February’s teaser trailer? Finn Wolfhard referred to it as the Shadow Monster, so take from that what you will.

Got Halloween plans? Scrap ’em. Stranger Things season 2 returns with an extended run of suitably creepy episodes on October 31st.

Source: TVLine