Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Photo Reveals First Look At Burt Ward


The latest set pic from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has revealed another first look at one of the Arrowverse crossover’s much-anticipated cameos. In this case, it’s Burt Ward, star of the 1960’s Batman TV series. It’s not yet officially confirmed that he’ll be reprising his iconic role as Dick Grayson in the event, but this photo definitely features some heavy hints that he will be.

Via Hollywood North Buzz, the image sees Ward in between filming a scene where he’s walking his dog down the street. Fans will instantly be wondering if this canine is actually Ace the Bat-Hound. If so, it’s a neat touch that they’ve gone with a brown-furred German Shepherd, which is how Ace was portrayed in the comics of the 50s and 60s, as opposed to the modern interpretation of him as having black fur.

It’s also important to note the colors on Ward’s sweater. Red, green, yellow with black trimming. Hmm, where have we seen those particular shades together before? Holy callback, Batman! These are the same colors from Ward’s old Robin outfit. Is it just a reference to his previous role though, or evidence that he’s playing the same character he did all those years ago, in the first ever DC TV show?

Ward last voiced the Boy Wonder in 2017’s Batman vs. Two-Face, the animated movie that marked Adam West’s final appearance as Bruce Wayne. If Ward has a sizeable role in “Crisis,” hopefully there’ll be a touching nod to Ward’s old chum. You can bet that West would’ve loved to have been part of this if he was still with us.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” will also feature Kevin Conroy’s live-action debut as Batman and at least a visual reference to Michael Keaton’s incarnation of the Dark Knight. Be sure to catch the crossover when it airs on The CW this December.