Kevin Conroy Shares New Crisis On Infinite Earths Set Photo


The Arrowverse’s annual crossovers have become the biggest event in the calendar for The CW’s superhero shows, and this year’s edition is shaping up to be the biggest ever. Taking its cue from the iconic comic book arc of the same name, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will see multiple versions of several heroes, and is bringing back some familiar faces in the process.

While there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding both Tom Welling and Brandon Routh both reprising the role of Superman after long absences, many fans are most excited to see Kevin Conroy finally get the chance to play Bruce Wayne in live action. For most people, Conroy is their definitive interpretation of Batman, having voiced the character in the classic animated series and countless video games across almost three decades.

A full look at Conroy in costume hasn’t officially been revealed yet, but the actor has shared another behind-the-scenes photo on social media this week taken on location in Vancouver, where much of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is being filmed.

It’s a shame that there wasn’t room among the crossover’s massive roster of guest stars to get Mark Hamill in for a cameo as the Joker, as seeing him square off against Conroy’s Bruce Wayne in live action would send a certain generation of fans into absolute meltdown. However, that doesn’t mean that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is going to be short on star-power after drafting in countless actors to make cameo appearances along with the entire core casts of every major CW superhero show. In other words, you won’t want to miss it.