Tom Welling Will Suit Up As Superman In Crisis On Infinite Earths


One of the biggest draws of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is that Smallville star Tom Welling is returning as his version of Clark Kent that he last played when the DC prequel came to a close after 10 years in 2011. Infamously, Welling never actually suited up in the ol’ red and blue in the finale, with the show ending on the iconic shirt-rip moment instead. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed then that his appearance in the crossover means this wrong will finally be righted.

Well, good news, Smallville lovers, as we’re hearing that this is going to be the case. Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that Welling was making a comeback in the first place, and who told us that an Arrow spinoff starring Kat McNamara was in the works back in March – say that Welling will indeed suit up at some point in “Crisis.” That’s all we know for now, but it’s certainly enough to get us excited.

The star has defended not wearing the costume in the past, revealing that it was actually his decision to avoid donning the cape and tights. He’s also voiced doubt that he would ever return as Clark in the Arrowverse though, and he still jumped back into the fray for “Crisis.” So, it stands to reason that he’d decide to go the whole hog and give the fans what they’ve been waiting, ooh, 18 years for and actually don the outfit at long last.

Of course, Welling won’t be the only Supes in the crossover, with both Supergirl‘s Tyler Hoechlin and Superman Returns‘ Brandon Routh also playing important roles. Routh recently unveiled his own suit for the event, too, as based on the older Kingdom Come version of the Man of Steel. Welling and Hoechlin have posed for a set pic (see above) as well, which tells us that those two Clarks will come face to face. Surely The CW will give us all three Supes though for at least one scene in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” right?