Kevin Conroy Wants Mark Hamill’s Joker In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Batman-Animated-Series-Mark-Hamill-Not-First-Joker (1)

The creative team behind the Arrowverse are pulling out of all the stops for the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which is easily shaping up to be the biggest crossover event that The CW’s shared universe has ever seen. As well as featuring series regulars from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and the upcoming Batwoman, the multiple timelines featured in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” have also allowed the crossover to bring in some high-profile guest stars.

Supergirl may already feature Tyler Hoechlin as the title character’s more famous cousin, but he won’t be the only version of the Big Blue Boy Scout to appear in “Crisis.” In an incredible and totally unexpected development, it was announced that Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh would be playing an alternate version of the Man of Steel, thirteen years after his lead role in Superman Returns.

If that dose of nostalgia wasn’t enough to send the internet into meltdown, then the announcement of Kevin Conroy playing an older Bruce Wayne certainly was. Many people’s definitive interpretation of Batman thanks to his work on the classic animated series, countless direct-to-video spinoffs and numerous video games, seeing the actor finally get to play his signature role in live-action will be an incredible moment for the fans.

Of course, Conroy’s Batman immediately brings to mind Mark Hamill’s interpretation of the Joker given how closely the two are linked across multiple forms of media and when responding to a fan on Twitter who had an idea for the crossover, the 63 year-old may have added fuel to the fire, saying:

It would be crazy for the network to pass up an opportunity like this, especially if Hamill is interested. The fact that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” takes place across multiple realities allows room for plenty of cameos and moments designed as pure fan service, and seeing the two actors sharing a scene opposite each other in a live-action setting after voicing Batman and the Joker for almost 30 years would undoubtedly be the highlight of the entire crossover for many people.