Caity Lotz Talks Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 In New Video


Yes, we may have a few months between us and the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, but DC’s acclaimed sci-fi show still remains on our minds. After all, who could forget that when we last saw the Waverider crew they had “broken time,” arriving in a setting that saw past, present and future merged into a horrific – yet visually stunning – world overrun by dinosaurs?

Aside from having some recent confirmation that there won’t be any sort of a time jump and the heroes must continue righting their wrongs, series star Caity Lotz confirmed just as much in an interview with DC All Access co-host Whitney Moore. Still, we don’t expect them to endure the dino crisis for too long, as they’ll probably move on after an episode or two just as Barry Allen did with Flashpoint last fall.

Regardless, life won’t get any easier for the White Canary, as Lotz herself says her character would still feel the “effects of being in charge.” As you may recall, she took over for Rip Hunter when he was missing in action, and then remained in that role upon his return. But with them being put in such a dire situation, it stands to reason that one or two members of the team may prefer for her predecessor to once again take over.

Also of note is Moore trying to get Lotz to spill the beans regarding any new characters who may show up. And while nobody was named outright, she did tease a “Muslim activist,” whom we assume to be Isis, the next major addition to the series. Odds are this interview was recorded before the news broke, so Caity was probably trying not to say anything that would possibly land her in hot water.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the usual place!