Caity Lotz Teases Her Return To Black Canary Post-Crisis On Infinite Earths


If you’ve been following the Arrowverse for some time, then you know how it’s been populated by its share of Canaries – and each fan has their own opinion regarding who was best. For some, they favor the original, Sara Lance, while others prefer her sister, the late Laurel. Or, they may hold Dinah Drake in high esteem. Of course, arguments could also be made for Earth-2’s Laurel, even though she goes by Black Siren.

Having been around the longest, Sara Lance has the most complicated history. Technically, she never adopted the Black Canary moniker – only “Canary” – before dying in Arrow‘s third season premiere. Then, about a year later, she was properly resurrected with the help of John Constantine, before becoming White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow. If we’re to argue semantics, Laurel was the first Black Canary, even though Sara’s initial costume was closer to the comic book iteration.

Regardless, actress Caity Lotz knows folks have referred to her as Black Canary for conversation’s sake, and she’s probably fine with that. In fact, she may be feeling slightly nostalgic for her old threads, half-joking with Entertainment Weekly that “maybe now that the show’s done I’ll get that black costume. I’m gonna get that one back.” And in case you were wondering, the show she’s referring to is Arrow, which will soon commence its eighth and final season in the midst of all this “Crisis on Infinite Earths” hoopla.

For the sake of throwbacks, it may not be the worst idea in the world to allow for Sara to dust off her old duds. But when it comes to doing so on a more permanent basis, I’m not so sure because of how much the character’s evolved in the past few years. Hey, you have to admit the Sara leading the Waverider crew is much different from the gal kicking ass on the streets of Starling City.

Also, let’s not forget what’s going on with Earth-2’s Laurel. Over the weekend, her new costume was revealed online, and it’s more Black Canary-like than one would expect. Even Arrow‘s consulting producer Marc Guggenheim won’t reveal which code name she’ll adopt, instead leaving that to the season 8 premiere.

Getting back to Sara, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for her when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” airs on The CW later this fall, probably in December.