Californication Season 4-06 ‘Lawyers, Guns And Money’ Recap

As the episode starts off, we open on Hank asleep in his car. Abby walks by and wakes him up. They go for coffee and discuss his case. While there, Hank sees a young girl on the internet, reading an article about him that’s called ‘Moody Gets Double Teamed’. The article features the picture taken last episode. Hank closes the girl’s laptop and she calls him a dick. Abby then sees the pic and turns to Hank and says ‘she’s right, you are a dick.’

Cut to opening credits.

Abby tells him that the picture is bad and isn’t going to help his case. She tells him to find a new attorney. Apparently she’s never had a client who makes it this difficult for her to do her job. They fight for a bit and she walks off, leaving Hank lawyer-less.

Back at home, Sasha comes to visit Hank. She tells him she’s dropping out of the movie. It’s causing too much bad press. That’s the bad news. The good news is she still wants to have sex with him. As they’re about to get to it, there is a knock on the door. It’s Karen. She’s seen the photo, Becca showed her. Sasha leaves and Karen and Hank have a talk. He tells her he’s hit rock bottom. She tells him to get his head out of his fucking ass and get his shit together.

Meanwhile, Marcy is with Stu, giving him a wax. They spend some time together afterwards and watch a movie in Stu’s screening room. He tries to put a move on Marcy and he tells her he likes her. They end up making out for a bit but it’s hard to tell whether Marcy actually likes him or she just feels bad.

Hank goes to visit Runkle and while there, Runkle gives him some good news. He tells him Eddy Nero really wants to do the project. Later that night, they go to hang out with him. The boys have some drinks and it’s quite a humorous scene. During the meeting, Hank gets a call from Becca, he has to go. He tries to ditch but Nero ends up coming with. He goes to find Becca and she’s at a tattoo parlor. She’s out of money and the tattoo artists are about to call the cops. Nero’s not having any of that though and he pulls a gun. The tattoo people pull guns also but then they realize that it’s Eddy Nero. Everyone starts getting all friendly and Hank takes the opportunity to punch Nero in the face. He takes his gun, pays the tattoo people and they leave.

Meanwhile, Karen goes to visit Abby. To convince her to take Hank back. She gives Abby a whole speech before leaving and it seems as if she may of got through to he. As the episode comes to a close, Abby meets Hank at a bar. He apologizes and she hints at possibly taking him back. After a bit of flirting, they head to bed together, which you could have seen coming from a mile away. It is here that the episode ends.

Another strong episode in a so far great season. Nero was highly entertaining, as usual and the inevitable Hank and Abby hook up finally went down, which should lead to some interesting repercussions next episode. The Stu and Marcy storyline is kind of boring, as it really has nothing to do with the other characters but Tobolowsky is pretty funny and his presence is still welcome. Other notable events this episode include Karen and Sasha’s awkward encounter, Becca rebelling once again by getting a tattoo, Sasha going topless, and Eddy Nero pulling a gun, for no apparent reason in the tattoo shop. Like I said, very entertaining episode. Let’s hope they keep it up!