Cameron Cuffe Breaks The Silence On Krypton’s Cancellation


Earlier today, it was announced that Syfy has decided against renewing Krypton for a third season. The Superman prequel has accrued a passionate fanbase over its two runs, though, so social media is currently filled with angry superhero fans who are mourning the loss of yet another DC show in 2019 (see also Swamp Thing and Arrow).

One of those responding to Krypton‘s cancellation is star Cameron Cuffe. The British actor, who played Kal-El’s grandfather Seg-El on the show that’s set 200 years before the planet’s destruction, tweeted a positive message about the series’ end, reflecting on how much his time making it has meant to him.

“What I feel above all is gratitude,” Cuffe wrote in his touching post. “I spent 3 years living an impossible dream. I will always be a proud son of Krypton. Keep believing in a better tomorrow.”

This message is especially moving as it’s clear from Cuffe’s Twitter feed that he’s a lifelong fan of the Superman mythos. so it must have meant the world to him to bring a part of it to life on Krypton. But clearly the opportunity it gave him in the first place outweighs his sadness that it now might be over.

I say might, as Deadline’s original report on the show’s cancellation mentioned that there could be some hope for a renewal elsewhere. They write that producers are already having conversations with other outlets to pick Krypton up for season 3. DC Universe seems like the best bet, given that season 1 is already on the streaming service with season 2 due in 2020. If not, perhaps the upcoming HBO Max will be interested. Getting that Lobo spinoff off the ground as well is probably too much to hope for, though.

Tell us, how do you feel about Krypton‘s premature end? And who do you want to bring it back? Sound off in the usual place down below.