Relive Peter Capaldi’s Greatest Moments With New Doctor Who Promo


We’ve now got less than two weeks to go before Christmas Day is here. Unfortunately for Doctor Who fans though, that comes with mixed emotions. While the annual holiday special is set to give us our first glimpse at Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, it also means we have to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi’s twelfth incarnation in the process. The Scottish actor has absolutely owned the role over the past few years and it’s going to be tough to see him go.

Now, with his exit quickly approaching, the BBC has released a short new promo that briskly runs through the greatest moments of the Twelfth Doctor from the past four years of the show. Though not terribly long, it does a good job of compressing nearly all of Capaldi’s most memorable scenes and speeches into a fairly short space of time.

For instance, it reminds us how grouchy and serious the Twelfth Doctor was in his first season, beginning with 2014’s “Deep Breath,” before he morphed into a more caring individual, as seen in the clip of him hugging Jenna Coleman’s Clara from 2015’s “The Girl Who Died.” Following that, it brings us all the way up to his final battle with the Cybermen, as seen in this year’s “The Doctor Falls.”

Hopefully there will be a few more great moments from Capaldi’s Doctor to come in the Christmas special, which is titled “Twice Upon a Time.” The episode will see No. 12 encounter his first ever incarnation, as played by David Bradley, while Pearl Mackie and Mark Gatiss are also on board for the ride. We have it on good authority that Capaldi still steals the show, though, as the special’s director, Rachel Talalay, has teased that it sees the actor gives a “tour-de-force” performance.

Doctor Who fans, make sure you have some tissues on hand when “Twice Upon a Time” airs on BBC One/America on December 25th.