Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s 12 Greatest Moments As The Doctor

Earlier this month, Doctor Who‘s tenth season came to a close. It’s always sad for fans when the latest season ends, but this one is more traumatic than ever. That’s because it was the last season to star Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, ahead of his regeneration into his currently unknown replacement in the 2017 Christmas special.

The character journey of the Twelfth Doctor has been a bumpy one, it has to be said, as he’s gone through some extreme changes over the years. But Capaldi himself has never been less than exemplary. A lifelong fan of the show, the actor has relished the part with gusto and has clearly given it his all. Your personal favourite version of the Doctor is up to you, but there’s no denying that Peter Capaldi is one of the finest actors to take on the role of the Time Lord to date.

Now that we’ve seen three complete seasons with him in the part – and only one episode still to come – let’s look through twelve of the finest moments of the Twelfth Doctor in chronological order. As always, if we’ve left out one of your favourites, let us know in the comments section.