Carlos Valdes Dodges Questions About His Exit From The Flash


It didn’t take long for our report published last month saying that Carlos Valdes will be leaving The Flash following its fifth season to be met with heartfelt lamentations from the fanbase at large. After all, Cisco Ramon has been a part of the STAR Labs family since the pilot episode, and I, too, would be sad to see him go. But then again, we just have to accept that many actors want to pursue other endeavors after certain periods of time pass and wish them the best of luck.

If there’s to be a positive side to what our source told us, it’s that Cisco won’t be killed off. Instead, Valdes will be written off the show in such a way that the door will be left open for possible guest shots here and there. Personally, I think he’ll take the metahuman cure before the current season wraps, and then possibly leave Central City with new gal pal, Kamilla.

During a panel conducted at Fan Expo Vancouver this past weekend, someone actually asked Carlos if he is indeed planning his exit. Funny enough, co-star Tom Cavanagh – who may follow suit after “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” mind you – decided to interject and answer the question on behalf of his colleague:

“He can’t answer that question, as his agent…”

According to, Cavanagh followed up his jest by saying that Valdes could answer that question, but it’d lead to each member of the panel spoiling when they leave. Oddly enough, series alum Robbie Amell was also onstage at the time, and he’s been gone for years.

Showing that he can be crafty himself, Valdes strategically took a snack break, saying the following:

“I’d love to, but I have a doughnut in my mouth.”

Despite what Cavanagh said before, it’s probably safe to assume that actors can’t really talk about this stuff publicly because it’ll spoil future storylines. More often than not, Arrowverse departures seem to come out of nowhere, with Echo Kellum’s exit from Arrow being the most recent example.

In the meantime, all we can really do is to keep watching The Flash on Tuesday nights on The CW in order to see how the situation plays out.