Echo Kellum No Longer A Series Regular On Arrow

Echo Kellum

While I was watching tonight’s episode of Arrow, “Star City Slayer,” I had this strong feeling that some major media outlet would drop an article saying Echo Kellum is exiting the series before the evening was over. After all, something similar happened last year with Willa Holland, and my suspicion ultimately proved correct.

As it turns out, Entertainment Weekly tells us that Kellum has indeed left Star City. For fans who’ve taken a shine to his version of Mr. Terrific, Curtis Holt, this is definitely a sad day. But on the plus side, he’ll likely return in a limited capacity here and there.

Here’s what executive producer and showrunner Beth Schwartz told the publication:

“I love working with Echo, who is an absolute delight and joy. Echo has always brought humor and heart to Arrow. Curtis is such a fun character to write for and he’ll be greatly missed. We haven’t seen the last of Mr. Terrific.”

Those who tuned in tonight learned of how Curtis accepted a job at the Kohler Humanitarian Institute in Washington, D.C. But in real life, Kellum wants to be closer to his family in Los Angeles (Arrow films in Vancouver, don’t forget), and also wants to focus on writing, directing and making music. Having been familiar with this guy, I can say he’s indeed a Renaissance man.

Like I said, although Echo will no longer be around as a series regular, Curtis will be back at some point. And in classy fashion, the actor had the following message for his fans to cap off his chat with EW:

“I think the only thing I want to do is just thank all the fans for giving me a shot. For all the fans that loved me and for all the fans that didn’t love me so much, thanks for watching, thanks for caring, thanks for making me feel like I was part of something special, because it is a special show. I will see you guys in the future on other projects. And excelsior!”

Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, March 4th.

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