Watch: Carol’s Haunted By Alpha In New Walking Dead Season 10 Clip

The Walking Dead

Before the show wrote out Michonne last weekThe Walking Dead season 10 had just reached a major turning point in the Whisperer war, as Negan turned the tables on Alpha and killed her. In a further twist, it was revealed that he’s been working on Carol’s orders all this time and we last saw the pair as the former Savior dumped the zombified head of the villain at her feet. This Sunday’s episode will now explore the personal fallout of Carol’s plans coming to fruition.

In the above sneak peek at outing, titled “Look at the Flowers,” we start to see the effect that ordering the death of Alpha has had on Carol’s psyche. As she’s walking through the woods, she hears her name being whispered. She turns and is shocked to find Alpha. “I’m always watching,” the Whisperer queen says, with a grim smirk. Though we don’t get the context for this encounter, I think we can safely say it’s a hallucination that tells us Carol has got a very guilty conscience.

Another clip from the episode, meanwhile, takes the form of a flashback revealing the moment Carol let Negan out of jail. In that, she’s full of conviction about what she’s doing, telling him that together they can save many innocent lives. However, now that the deed is done, it looks like Carol is being haunted by her decision. No doubt it’ll also make her think back to the tough choices she’s had to make over the years. The title, for instance, recalls the traumatic time she had to kill the mentally-ill Lizzie back in season 4.

As this is such a Carol-centric episode, there are some worries that she’ll meet her end this Sunday – perhaps in a similar way to her comic book counterpart, which was teased a few episode’s ago. However, seeing as we just lost Michonne, it seems unlikely that two leading characters would exit in two weeks.

In any case, be sure you make the most of this episode, as there are only two more to come before The Walking Dead season 10 goes on indefinite hiatus.