The Walking Dead Season 10 To End Early, Finale Delayed Due To Coronavirus

The Walking Dead

You can go ahead and add Michonne’s name to the list of beloved characters who are no longer on The Walking Dead.

During Sunday’s fairly emotional outing, “What We Become,” Danai Gurira’s fan favorite hero was given the send-off she deserved, leaving viewers to wonder whether that cliffhanger finale is setting up a potential reunion with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes.

After all, we know that AMC is busy planning out a movie trilogy for Lincoln’s character, with the first film possibly releasing later this year – that is, assuming the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t force the network to change their plans. After all, AMC has now announced that season 10 has fallen victim to the virus, as due to the current situation that our world is facing, they haven’t been able to complete post-production on the finale and so, it’ll be delayed until later this year.

Here’s the official word from the company:

So, there you have it. Season 10 of The Walking Dead will end a bit ahead of schedule, with the last episode arriving on April 5th. We’ll still get to see what was originally supposed to be the finale, of course, but like AMC says, it’ll be as a special and will air later in the year.

When that’ll be, we don’t yet know, but with the show really beginning to pick up a serious sense of momentum over its last few episodes, this certainly comes as a bit of a blow. And it’ll be interesting to see how things end off given the sudden change in the release schedule.

But you can’t fault AMC for making this decision as the Coronavirus has already forced numerous TV shows and movies to change their plans and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it. So for now, The Walking Dead will wrap up its current season on April 5th, and you can bet that we’ll be tuning in to see what goes down.