Carol’s Letter To Maggie In The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Explained


We’ll have to wait a while before it arrives, but our appetite for The Walking Dead season 10 finale has been well and truly whetted already. On top of the nail-biting cliffhanger of yesterday’s penultimate episode, AMC released an extended sneak peek for the concluding chapter that reveals Lauren Cohan is about to return as Maggie at long last.

As part of a moving montage set to a speech by Father Gabriel about how there are others out there who will help them, Maggie is shown reading an old letter from Carol. The shot lingers just long enough on the letter for us to see that it explains all about the Whisperers. Maggie looks up, and we’re left to assume that she’s going to come back home to aid her old friends in their battle with Beta and his army.

If you study the sneak peek, you can make out a pretty full picture of what the letter says. Here’s the opening paragraph, in which Carol pleads for Maggie to return:

“Maggie, you need to come back. Jesus is dead. So is Tara. Enid. My son. They were murdered by a group called the Whisperers. Have you heard of them? They wear the skins of the dead and move in herds. Live with the dead,” the letter reads. “…When you come across walkers you need to watch hands for knives. Do not underestimate them.”

Much of the rest of the letter is illegible, but we can next make out the phrases “Alpha slaughtered” and “mark her border.” This passage no doubt refers to the massacre of ten survivors from the communities, including three Hilltop residents, that occurred in season 9’s penultimate episode. Carol goes on to say that Alpha “threatens to overrun us” with her legion of walkers.

Cohan left the show midway through season 9, with the intention always being that she would return at some point. And that point is coming in the season 10 finale. The only thing is we don’t know when it’s going to air. Rest assured, though, The Walking Dead will be back – and so will Maggie.