The Cast Beyond The Wall: The Best Moments Of Game Of Thrones Season 4 (Episode 11)

Game of Thrones

In our final discussion covering season 4 of Game of Thrones, Daniel, Austin and I do a top ten countdown of our favorite moments. Whether it was a wedding, a battle, a duel, or even a break-up, this season packed in an overwhelming number of exceptional moments that fans won’t soon forget! It really has been a terrific year for the series, one that gave us everything we asked for and more.

If you’ve been tuning in weekly, or are just discovering this podcast for the first time today, join us for one last episode of The Cast Beyond The Wall as we recap and celebrate Game of Thrones season 4, before taking a bit of a break for the long winter ahead.

We’d like to thank everyone who tuned in this year and supported us. Though there won’t be any new episodes of TCBTW for a while, once season 5 of HBO’s hit fantasy show gets underway, you can be sure that we’ll be back, exclusively on We Got This Covered!

Please send any and all comments/questions/feedback to [email protected] and enjoy the show!

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