Castiel And Lucifer Are Front And Center In New Supernatural Featurette


Say what you want about the current season of Supernatural, but I find it to be more compelling and enjoyable than last year’s effort. Really, aside from some plot threads taking vacations for longer than they should, this season’s tale of alternate universes and a certain son of Satan have made for a much more coherent viewing experience than one that was bisected with the boring British Men of Letters.

With that, we’re pleased to learn that two fan favorites will be sharing the spotlight this week. Illustrating this is a new featurette the network has put together (seen above), as executive producers and showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer take us on a guided tour of this week’s episode, “Devil’s Bargain.”

In it, we’re brought up to speed on the journey that unlikely allies Castiel and Lucifer have embarked on thus far. As you know, the former was strangely resurrected earlier this season and the latter is pretty much running on celestial fumes, no longer possessing the power that once made him one of the most dangerous beings in the universe.

But perhaps the dynamic shared by these strange bedfellows will soon shift back to the familiar when Lucifer seeks out the help of one Sister Jo, who’ll be played by Danneel Ackles. From what we can tell, this new character probably isn’t someone who should be trusted by the Winchesters – and that’s probably how it should be. To be honest, having Danneel sign up to play an ally or lover for her husband, Jensen, may seem too on the nose.

Supernatural airs on Thursday nights on The CW.